Dr.panduranga Rao wrote a book and the book made our hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji very impressive for the information provided about rudraksha and highly appreciated Dr. panduranga roa towards his dedication on the study of rudraksha. And also our prime minister has agreed to take dedication on this name, also lunched this book with his hands at his office, New Delhi

Besides quite a few Indian awards, Dr. Pandurangara rao is also a recipient of a doctorate from the US, gold medal form the house of lords above the parliament(Royal House), awards taken from the president and prime minister of Nepal, an award from Dubai sheikh (king) and several other international awards.

Dr. pandurangara rao has dedicated his life to the exploration of the science of rudhraksha, through which he has shown path to lakhs of people who were in despair. His unparolled contributions to the fields of vedic mathematics the science of rudraksha  has made him a towering personality in the spiritual world. One word is enough to state the author,  he is like a bonyan tree in the field of rudhraksha, and only a simple conclusion is enough for this famous personality.

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