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Seven-faced Rudraksha pertains to the swaroopa of seven mother-goddesses. Great Weath, Health and knowledge will be bestowed just by the wearing of this Rudraksha. Seven-faced Rudraksha is the swaroopa of Lakshmi. Also it is said to be the swaroopa of Seven Mother-goddesses. One who wears this will get all the wealth, becomes courageous and enjoys the luxuries of an emperor. Poverty does not dare to come near him and he will be in a high position. They will have the power to win over the hearts of woman, untimely death will not come near one wears this. Weapons cannot harm him or her. One will gain merit. Business men will have their business prospered. This Rudraksha should be worn after Performing "Abhisheka" in Shivalaya and Japa of "Om Hum Namah" mantra (five times). Presiding planet is Shani (Saturn).

Price -  1200.00