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1 mukhi rudraksha

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Meaning : One-faced Ruddraksha bestowes the knowledge of Paratattwa. By wearing this one can gain mastery over the indriyas (senses) and became one with Paratattwa (God) To find this "Ekamukhi Rudraksha" is almost impossible. One can find this type of among the cresent shaped once. This is the swaroopa of Shiva. By wearing this one can get all the powers and 'Mukti" (Salvation). There shall be no failure in any endeavour, one cannot adquately describe the powers of this Ekamukhi. One who wears this will became a Ruler. This says everything about its power. Allsins are washed away one should perform the "Abhisheka" in Shiva Temple on Monday (if its Mahashivarathtri, then needless to say it is the best), do the japa of "Om Hreem Namah" mantra five times and wear this Rudraksha. Histroy is the witness to many fortunate one who wore the "Ekamukhi". Untimely death will be far removed. Blood pressure will be controlled and heart diseases will be cured. Health and Wealth both one gets, who wear this Ekamukhi. Nobody will oppose his words in the society, Presiding planet is "Surya" (Sun).
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