14 Mukhi Rudraksha


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Third Eye Swaroopam: created with the aid of third eye in the fore head of Lord Shiva prevents from sudden dismiss. Also helps to achieve the target in respective professions. Have all powers.

Meaning: Chaturdasha mukhi (fourteen-faced Rudraksha) Rudraksha’s birth has taken place from the eyes of Parameshwara. When this is worn all diseases will be cured. One who wears this will always be healthy. This is the Swaroopa of Paramashiva. All the diseases will be prevented. Birth of this had taken place from the “Third eye” of Rudra (Shiva). This is as powerful as the “Third Eye”. One will be free from all diseases.

One will be free from evil qualities like desire and anger. Pain and loss will be far removed. When this touches the chest above the heart always, then heart related disorders will not be afflicted. Nadimandala will not be affected and will keep blood pressure under control. Our third-eye will also function like that of Shiva’s. “Om Namah” mantra should be uttered 54 times before wearing this Rudraksha.

If this is worn on the head then one will be freed of all diseases. This should be worn on the forehead or right hand or like a garland or rosary around neck which hangs or extends till the heart.


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