4 mukhi rudraksha


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Four-faced Rudraksha pertains to the swaroopa of Brahma. When Rudraksha is worn Brahma is propitiated. “Chaturmukhi” Rudraksha is the swaroopa of Brahma. This is also called Brahma Rudraksha when this is worn “Chaturmukha” (Brahma) is propitiated, one becomes a scholar of Vedas and Shartras, one become an entertainer. Obtains knowledge Raidance in eyes, sweetners of voice, power of memory and mental acumen incease attract people enhances. One does not fall short of wealth, blessed with good health. He will be free from sins, His family will always be happy. Not only that, if a learned person wears this he will become a scientist, writer, researcher, scholar, artist, journalist, and a man with profound knowledge. He or she will get name anf fame in the field one chooses. One should wear this Rudraksha on Monday after performing the “Abhisheka” in Shiva Temple and doing the Japa of “Om Heem Namah” mantra 108 times (Presiding planet is Budha).


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