3 mukhi rudraksha


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Rudraksha with three faces is related to the swaroopa of Tri Agni (Three types of Fire) Fire god is propitiated. When one wears this one becomes contended. Rudraksha with three faces is verily the embodiment of Fire. One who wears this receives all possible honours. He excels in all the fields of knowledge which he pursues. Agnihotra is propitiated and becomes always contended. Great sins like the killing of a woman do not accrne. Attitude of spitefulness is destroyed Grace of Yagna Purusha will be obtained which will make one learned, free from diseases and rich. If the paste of this Rudraksha is mixed with milk and taken, eye ailments will be cured. “Om Kleem Namah” mantra japa should be doe five times and “Abhisheka” in a Shivalaya should be performed on Monday and worn (Presiding planet is Shukra).


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