12 Mukhi Rudraksha


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Surya Swaroopam: To get development and to yield best benefits in business posses this rudraksha. Also will bet all sort of wealths. Prevents and cures from Jaundice.

Meaning: Dwaadasha Mukhi (Twelve-faced Rudraksha) pertains to Sri Maha Vishnu. One who wears this can become mighty and radiant.

This twelve-faced Rudraksha is the emblem ofSurya, the sun. If this is worn one will be free from diseases and appears radiant. This is also said to be the swaroopa of Vishnu. If this is worn, the twelve deities viz. Indra, Parjanaya, Vishnu, Anshaman, Twashtapoosa, Aryan, Mruya, Vipaswaan, Varun, Mitra will be pleased. One will get health good wealth.

One will be cured of jaundice. One who wears this can accomplish the vow of Brahmacharya (Celibacy). One will be free from Agni (fire) Poverty, diseases and pains. “Om Kreem Kshem Raem Namah () Mantra should be repeated five times before wearing this Rudraksha.


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