10 mukhi rudraksha


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Ten-faced Rudraksha is the swaroopa of Dharmadevata (god of Rightesness). Just by looking at this Rudraksha sin will be destroyed. Looking at this rather than wearing, gives one peace. “Dhashamukhi Rudraksha” (Rudraksha with ten-faces) is verily the swaroopa (personification) of Vishnu. It has more power to fulfill desires. This is also said to be swaroopa of Yama. If one just look at it gets peace and sins will be removed. If this is worn, then one will get permanent peace. There will be no worries regarding ghosts and evil spirits, it is said. Grace of Navagrahas (Nine Planets) will be obtained if this is worn. There will be no Vaastu doshas (deficiencie or flawss). This will be most favourable in legal matters “Om Hreem Namah” mantra is to be uttered five times before wearing this Rudraksha. There is no presiding planet.


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