• 10 mukhi rudraksha


    Ten-faced Rudraksha is the swaroopa of Dharmadevata (god of Rightesness). Just by looking at this Rudraksha sin will be destroyed. Looking at this rather than wearing, gives one peace. “Dhashamukhi Rudraksha” (Rudraksha with ten-faces) is verily the swaroopa (personification) of Vishnu. It has more power to fulfill desires. This is also said to be swaroopa of Yama. If one just look at it gets peace and sins will be removed. If this is worn, then one will get permanent peace. There will be no worries regarding ghosts and evil spirits, it is said. Grace of Navagrahas (Nine Planets) will be obtained if this is worn. There will be no Vaastu doshas (deficiencie or flawss). This will be most favourable in legal matters “Om Hreem Namah” mantra is to be uttered five times before wearing this Rudraksha. There is no presiding planet.

  • 11 Mukhi Rudraksha

    Anjaneya Swroopam: Fear will be removed and will be prevented from accidents.

    Meaning: Rudraksha with Eleven-faces pertains to Eleven Rudras. Wealth and good fortune will be bestowed forever, if this is worn.

    Ekadasha mukhi Rudraksha (Rudraksha with Eleven-faces) is verily the embodiment of Rudra. If this is worn then one will achieve victory in all fields. Women will get beauty and wealth. Will beget children. Aja, Ekapada, Vrashata, Aparajitha, Hara, Ahirbrugna, Shambhu, Trayambaka, Eshan, Tribhuvana named eleven Rudras will be pleased and one will have good fotune always.

    This Rudraksha is also said to be the swaroopa of Anjaneya or Hanuman. Those who wear this will be protected from the dangers in travelling. There will not be any fear. Meditation will produce good results. “Om Hreem Hum Namah” mantra should be repeated five times before wearing this Rudraksha. There is no Presiding Planet.

  • 12 Mukhi Rudraksha


    Surya Swaroopam: To get development and to yield best benefits in business posses this rudraksha. Also will bet all sort of wealths. Prevents and cures from Jaundice.

    Meaning: Dwaadasha Mukhi (Twelve-faced Rudraksha) pertains to Sri Maha Vishnu. One who wears this can become mighty and radiant.

    This twelve-faced Rudraksha is the emblem ofSurya, the sun. If this is worn one will be free from diseases and appears radiant. This is also said to be the swaroopa of Vishnu. If this is worn, the twelve deities viz. Indra, Parjanaya, Vishnu, Anshaman, Twashtapoosa, Aryan, Mruya, Vipaswaan, Varun, Mitra will be pleased. One will get health good wealth.

    One will be cured of jaundice. One who wears this can accomplish the vow of Brahmacharya (Celibacy). One will be free from Agni (fire) Poverty, diseases and pains. “Om Kreem Kshem Raem Namah () Mantra should be repeated five times before wearing this Rudraksha.

  • 13 Mukhi Rudraksha


    Manmatha and Kamadhenu Swaroopam: will bet you the benefits of indoralok as well as heaven.

    Meaning: Thirteen-faced Rudraksha will fulfill desires Kamadeva (Manmadha) will be pleased.

    “Trayodasha Mukhi” (Thirteen-faced Rudraksha) is said to be the Swaroopa of Indra. One who wears this Rudraksha will get the pleasure of Indra and auspiciousness. Desires will be fulfilled. It is also said to be the swaroopa of Manmatha. When this is worn Kamadeva will fulfil desires. For this thirteen-faced Rudraksha Kaarthikeya is the Presiding Deity.

    If this is worn those who do not have children will have children. One who wears this will become as powerful as Kumara Swamy, will have fame for entire life time. One will get all the pleasures and will spend a luxurious life. Half-finished works will be completed. One will progress in spirituality. “Om Hreem Namah” Mantra should be repeated 108 times before wearing this Rudraksha. Presiding Planets is Venus.

  • 14 Mukhi Rudraksha


    Third Eye Swaroopam: created with the aid of third eye in the fore head of Lord Shiva prevents from sudden dismiss. Also helps to achieve the target in respective professions. Have all powers.

    Meaning: Chaturdasha mukhi (fourteen-faced Rudraksha) Rudraksha’s birth has taken place from the eyes of Parameshwara. When this is worn all diseases will be cured. One who wears this will always be healthy. This is the Swaroopa of Paramashiva. All the diseases will be prevented. Birth of this had taken place from the “Third eye” of Rudra (Shiva). This is as powerful as the “Third Eye”. One will be free from all diseases.

    One will be free from evil qualities like desire and anger. Pain and loss will be far removed. When this touches the chest above the heart always, then heart related disorders will not be afflicted. Nadimandala will not be affected and will keep blood pressure under control. Our third-eye will also function like that of Shiva’s. “Om Namah” mantra should be uttered 54 times before wearing this Rudraksha.

    If this is worn on the head then one will be freed of all diseases. This should be worn on the forehead or right hand or like a garland or rosary around neck which hangs or extends till the heart.

  • 15 Mukhi Rudraksha


    15 Mukhi Rudraksha is a very rare Lord Pashupati Rudraksha. This represents Lord Pashupati and is specially beneficial for economic progress. Its presence in the house or work place brings immense wealth and only abundance prevails at that place where this Rudraksha is placed. This Rudraksha is a Highly Auspicious Rudraksha(15 Mukhi Rudraksha).

    15 Mukhi Rudraksha also pacifies emotional disturbance in the mind of the devotee by balancing Ajna Chakra and Anahata Chakra and increasing the Aura of the devotee to the very higher levels. The wearers of Lord Pashupati Rudraksha get spiritual enlightenment, cosmic transcendence and salvation at the end of his life. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha also increases philanthropy in the mind and heart of the devotee and he does several austerities by way of supporting hospitals, old age homes and construct temples. This makes the wearer detached at the same time he understands his responsibilities, increases wit intelligence, intuition and super Consciousness.

  • 16 Mukhi Rudraksha


    Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is a bead which is known for Victory. This Rudraksha is called Jai Rudraksha. The Sixteen Face Rudraksha have sixteen lines originating from top to bottom. This rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva and dedicated to Lord Ram so it is full of great human virtues. It is also regarded as having the blessings of mahakal so it removes the fear of time and untimely death.”Mahamrityunjai Mantra” (Brahajjalopanishad)”OM.Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat””Om Haum Joom Sah” “Om Hreem Hoom Namah””Om Namah Shivaya”Sixteen faced Rudraksha should be capped in gold or silver and stringed in red thread and wear in neck or be kept on the worshipping place chanting the mantra. The wearer of Sixteen Faced Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity, cordial relations, harmony and love in the family.The house in which a Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is kept is always free from theft, robbery or fire problems.

  • 17 Mukhi Rudraksha


    The 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Vishwakarma. He is the celestial architect who is the mystical builder of many celestial kingdoms and weapons. He is an expert in crafting with creativity and splendour. Scriptures state that this Rudraksha can make the wearer wealthy in a short span of time. The wearer gets sudden wealth and heightened spiritual powers as per texts. This wealth can flow in from unexpected sources or occurrence. It could be an unexpected inheritance, sudden increase in the price of equity or mutual funds, increase in the value of existing property, or through games of chances where fortune favours you. As per Katyayani Tantra the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is Goddess Katyayani herself. This Rudraksha gives all the 4 attainments. The wearer experiences Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Thus the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is graced by both these divine energies. The Vishwakarma Gayatri invokes him as follows

  • 18 Mukhi Rudraksha

    Eighteen faced Rudraksha is related to eighteen types of Vanaspati (herbs) in the Body. The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Siddhi (method of purification & charging with Mantra) will never get any disease in the life time and get all kinds of happiness and comforts in his life. This Rudraksha can be worn on Monday or Friday.

    18 Mukhi Rudraksha have 18 Eighteen powers in it which protects the wearer from all kinds of evils and problems. It removes the laziness and excessive sleep from the wearer of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha helps in Ayurveda, chemical process, cloths etc. This Rudraksha gives all kind of Bhoga ( comforts and leisure) to the wearer. It removes all kind of sins and in the end liberates the wearer in the end of life. It helps in attaining all kind of attainments. It is a very powerful antidote for Saturn miseries and provides miraculous cures to several ailments.

  • 19 Mukhi Rudraksha

    19 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed bby Lord Narayan the supreme protector of all Gods. The wearer of 19 faced Rudraksha never has lack of anything in life as it is blessed by Vasudeva and Goddess Lakshmi. Nineteen faced Rudraksha wearer is granted immense wealth, success in business, abundance in all spheres of life and goo

  • 2 mukhi rudraksha Indian


    Meaning : Rudraksha with two-faces pertains to the swaroopa of “Ardhanaareshwara” (Parvathi and Parameshwara) Ardhanaareeshwara is pleased when one wears this Rudraksha. hebestows all that is auspicious. This helps in attaining mental peace, concentration, spiritual contemplation and awakening of Kundalini. After performing the “Abhisheka” and doing the japa five times of “Om Namah” on Monday this Rudraksha should be worn. Sin begotten from killing a cow will be washed away. All desire will be fulfilled and one reaches the abode of Shiva. Presiding planet is (Moon)..

  • 20 Mukhi Rudraksha

    This Rudraksha is related to Vishwasu Sadhu Prani.. The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with Mantra) will involve deeply in Bhakti. The wearer of this Rudraksha is known for his words. he always speak truth and his wordings becomes truth. Lord Shiva opens the power of truth for his words. This Rudraksha reaches to the Sadhu, saints and brahmins by the virtue of their devotion for Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva bless them with 20 Mukhi Rudraksha and removes their sins. It provides Moksha (liberation) in the end.